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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our First Craft Show

D&J Sewing Center 1st Annual Craft Show
This our host at the register with her helpers. It was wonderful ,she hosted our first craft show and she made a great sale to someone who didnt know the store even existed now this lovely ladY has a great sewing store to come and visit.
We donated a baked goodie so the store could have aVbake sale at the same time while the craft show was going on and hot apple cider was provied along with a sample of some outrageously good cookies and friut cake that "Kats and Threads" donated.

Boy did we have so much fun and make so many new friends. And we did great in sales. For our first show it was a blast. I took so many pictures of all the other vendors and promised them I would put their booths in our blog along with a little blurp about their business , So here goes ladies I hope you're watching :~) The picture of the top is our booth you can see my little critters and my mom's pruses and a few scraves that my sister makes. Here we have a picture of a very happy customer that bought one of my sister's handknitted hats. She told us she was a retired school teacher. We think she looks lovely with her gorgeous hat :~) ENJOY!!!!

Here we have "Creative Threads Captured" a lovely booth full of Old Victorian Chirstmas ornaments that this lovely ladies 90 year old Aunt had made. She told us that her 90 year old aunt has supplied these ornaments for years to many shop owners throught the world.

Here is another lovely booth from Mother and Daughter "Stich in Time" their names are Linda Curutchet and Dine Sandlin. They had some great looking items I just wanted to buy them out. But I have a rule I dont buy without selling first I am funny that way. They had to leave early on Saturday do to family emergency. We hope everything is alright.

Here we have Donna's Jewelry & Things from Fresno, Ca. She had some great looking jewlery, too bad I have a nickel allergery :~(.

Here is our hosts way of taking care of unruly parents of unruly children LOL!!!


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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cambria California Craft Show

hey we went to Cambria Craft Show it was nice to get out of town and go to the coast , but we were a little disappointed it was so small. Theior were about 10 booths. But hey we did get some new info about the Morro-Bay Christmas Street Fair. We are hoping to get into that fair as a vendor . The Street Fair is on Nov. 30th and they do expect 50,000 people to attend so lets all cross our fingers and hope we do very well YEAH!!!

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