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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is in the air

Hello everyone it's almost Christ---mas time and I havent written in such along while. I think the last time I wrote was when my Aunt Mary had passed away in Feb. 2008. We all took it so hard we all loved her so much and wanted her to get better, but the Lord had better plans for her, so now she is celebrating Christ---mas in heaven with him this year. I hope to do a better job on our blog this coming year I havent really been really crafty this past year and feel pretty awful about that and discouraged. Etsy hasnt done much for our business had 2 sales in almost 2 years not that great huh!!!! Havent tried the other sites a little discouraged about it hopeing next year will be better. I am although doing Ebay and have done well there selling finds from thrift stores but still sad that my hand-crafts dont do well on ebay but will try again after the holidays and we'll see what happens.

We here at Kraftykrew wish all of you and yours a wonderful Merry Christ---mas and a wonderful Happy New Year and wishing the best in all you do. Please watch for us and google us and you'll see what we're up to next year thanks for following and we'll see you real soon

Monday, March 30, 2009

Special Order Blanket

Here is the finished blanket for that special little girl that her anut and uncle just loved her so much they had a special blanket made for her.

So much has happeded in our family over the past month. We had 3 family memebers in the hospital and one of them passed away my Aunt Mary passed away from Luckemia of the bone marrow I had made her a blanket last year, with little angels on it. Well hopefully I can blogg more often now that everything is back to normal well everyone is home out of the hospital its been a ruff 4 weeks.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Banner Exchange

Opps!!!!! We forgot one so here we go and we wish this shop the best of luck we left the best for last :~)

thanks everyone for checking out all our shops that we have listed throguhout the weeks and I sure hope all of you made a purchase and supported all these lovely shops

Monday, February 2, 2009

Special Order Baby Blanket


This the only block that our customer requested that the baby's name and date of birth be on it , but we still had all creative license to play with it. My sister did this on her embroidery machine, which I dont touch I get what I want that's our deal and I dont touch her machine LOL!!!!

This little cute kitty is jsut sitting and waiting for some food she is alittle hungry , but she doesnt have a mouth to eat with , she is also waiting for her face to be embroiered on. Hummmmm!!

Here is a pretty little pink kitty laying down and resting she'll look prettier once she has her little face on LOL!!! Women having always to put on their faces LOL!!!

The Picture above shows what the blanket would look like with the borders and with the blocks all set up.

This is what I've been working on the last few weeks. I have had so much fun designing this little blanket for this special customer. She has been great and lettiing us design what we want she just gave us the colors she wanted. I hope all of your think it as pretty as I do.

Here is a pretty littel kitty with a little bow tie and he is being bothered by a butterfly fly by.

Another look at the blanket with the borders and tring to play with where I want to set the blocks and what looks better

We are having so much fun so much fun designing this pretty blanket for this special little girl. Her Aunt and Uncle cant wait to give this little girl her first birthday gift :~)

Banner Exchange

Sorry I havent writen in a whille but I have had alittle cousin in the hospital having heart surgery and I was a little occupied working on a baby blanket along with everything else but here are the shops that we are promoting this week and the following 3 weeks




Monday, January 19, 2009

We're on Creative Ladies

Hi everyone we want you to go and take a look at all the wonderful work and support that creativeladies have done. Here you can see all those who have donated for there baskets for the hospice homes. If you notice kraftykrew donated those little fat guys "pudgy buddies" we hope that all the little kids have fun and enjoy the stuffing out those little fat guys. Go and take a look at their blog. http://www.craftiveladies.blogspot.com/
We hope to donate more in the near future and if you would like to donate just contact kristina and she'll get back to you right away just remember to leave her your email address so she came get back to you.

The Great Banner Exchange

Shops of the week

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Baby Blanket


I've been working on this blanket for my cousin's baby for the last year. Well I just need to do the binding and my baby's cousin is just about to turn 1yr old. Well at least she isnt graduateing high school. I have had to put it aside from time to time to work on other projects like special orders and craft shows. Her are some pictures
Banner Exchange for this week
I am going to take alook at these shops right now I am sure they are great ;lets go take alook together come on lets go shopping, I'll by you a starbucks hot chocolate :~)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Banner Exchange

Hi!! It's been awhile since I've blogged I just havent wanted to do a thing have been abit lazy. But I cant put off these shops so here we go


I have seen so many great shops throughout this banner exchange. So you need to take alook at these shops and get your credit cards out and start shopping and have some fun and start the New Year right!!