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Monday, December 29, 2008

Banner Exchange

Hi Everyone, I hope that all of you had a wonderful Chirstmas and celebrated the holiday the way it was ment to be. Well here are the this weeks shops to take a look at and see if you find something you just cant live without.


I have see these shops and they are great and hey some of them are having sales!!! So go and get your credit card and start shopping the more you buy the more you can save on those Sales!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Banner Exchange

Hi all here is this weeks banner exchange

take a look at these shope there are great and there maybe something you just cant live without !!!

Hanford Craft Show

Hi all well we did it 3 shows in les than one month wow !!!!!! And now I havent blogged b/c I got sick well at least I waited till we were done to get sick LOL!!!
Somehow we lost the pictures that were taken at the craft show since I didnt use my camera and I wanst incharge of the pictures I didnt know what happened to them.
But anyway we met 2 etsy shop owners there at the Hanford show and it was great to meet some of them and hear their opinion of etsy, which was great. We were alittle disapointed in our sales, but I gues this ecomony is hitting everyone.
We did have so much fun and I met some great ladies who want to wholesalewith me!!! So well thats a project for the first of the year after we get all holidays done with. Here are some people that we met at the show

Cavity I thought this was a great name for a candy shop LOL!!! too cute here is their email if you would like to contact them
Monica Matos she sold Mary kay mmatos@marykay.com
GraceNote Chimes Wow these were so great and they were all hand made and so beautiful www.gracenotes.com
My Bella Books they sold books for children with the childrens name in the story great idea www.mybellabooks.com
Custom Needle Arts she had so many little creations her and her husband I just loved thier little knitted kittens dewneal@comcast.net
Alpacas at PorterBray Pines wow did they have some great picturesque art and all done with alpaca wool my sister loved it she may wholesale with them so she can work with their wool www.aplacas-porterbraypines.com
CBS Crafts adn Gifts these lovely peolpe were selliing crafts and all proceeds were going to the foster care programs, which I thought was such a good idea
www.chehime.etsy.com was one of the etsy shop owners I met
Jennifer was another etsy shop owners I met she was great and much help

I sure wish I could find those pictures its no fun without pictures but enjoy the shops and you do need to take alook at those who have a website and take a peek at them and see if there is something you just cant live without.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neatostuff.com Banner Exchange for the Week

Hi there, I've been in bed sick all this week and over the weekend so I havent been on my computer or updated our blog. But I have to do advertise our shops this is a must so here goes

I havent been able to check these shops out yet due to being sick but I am more than possitive there are great shops and run by great people. Give me a few more days to feel better and I'll take alook and let you know what I think about these shops, which I am sure I'll love I've loved every shop so far from Neatostuff.com

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Banner Exchange

Hi All I am actually on time this week can you believe it LOL!!!
her are this weeks shops


You might find something for that special someone in one of these shops so go and take a look at their great items and spend some money :~)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Many Thank Yous

My dear friends thank you so much for leaving such lovely comments on our blog. It makes us feel good that all of you have become our friends. We do try to blog about once a week since we are so busy at the moment I really dont have the time right now. I have been failing in our banner exchange and I do aplogize for that neatostuff.com I know you have looked at our site and have seen that we are doing our job in promoting.
And to our friends in Brazil thank you are so great and such good friends :~) I just love these ladies they have sent us so many free patterns that I dont have the time to make them all. One day I hope I can make them all and just to see all the lovely faces that come out on the dolls and stuffed animals :~) You know that not one come out the same they all look different even if you use the same pattern they all have a differnet personality, isnt that wierd? But it is fun thats my favorite part.
To all of our friends at ETSY just love you guys you ahve been such a great help to us when we were just starting our shop. I sure hope I have helped someone along the way to pay forward. Boy do I hope our sales start going up this is a bumber its so slow. We have opend a few new shops on other sites

We're justing testing these shops at the moment to see what happens. I am not sure if I am all that crazy about dawanda due to the fact that I have to deal in EUROS glad I have a currency converter on my blog other wise I would have no idea how to do that conversion.
Well I just wanted to thank everyone for being there for us and supporting us
we'll talk soon

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Shop

We just opened our new shop online
go and take alook at our new store we only have a fewitems listed give us some time and we'll have more soon busy getting ready for our next show this saturday

Christmas Street Fair -- Morro Bay, California

Well we did it went to Morro Bay and got there at 6:30am to start setting up. We were sad that we were miss led by the foot traffic that was expressed to us. We did ok in sales but not as great as we hoped. But next year we're going to ask to be on the main though fair of the show and not a side street. But we did meet some lovely ladies there that were our booth nieghbors and they did help us in some tips on how to display our items and after we put those tips to work we started to sell. We had all our shop oweners promo items set out and we give them out to everyone who visited our booth and we let them know that we like to promote other shop owners on etsy so they knew what they were getting and where they could find us all. But all in all is waws ok not great but we did get some leads on some other shows for next year. But we still have our craft show here locally this saturday so we'll be promoting all of you shop owners that send us your promo items at this show also.

Banner Exchange

Hi everyone I know I'am behind on promoting these shops ,but I have mbeen so busy getting ready for a show this last weekend that I didnt get a chance to list last weeks shops but here I go
Thanksgiving week
www.glitterstar.etsy.com www.strangechild.etsy.com
www.cthings.etsy.com www.lunarrastar.etsy.com
www.kayzkreations.etsy.com www.jenniferladd.etsy.com

This Weeks Shops
www.gaiatrovechicago.etsy.com www.abbadabbabags.etsy.com
www.crostini.etsy.com www.mixit.etsy.com
www.batfineart.etsy.com www.myrecordpurse.etsy.com

These shops are fabulous I take a look at tehm and yes you need to go and take a peek and maybe buy an item or two you'll just love them :~)