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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Little Tid-Bits

We have been working on some new items lately and we have been working very hard. Believe it or not my mom is working on a Mr. "T" doll he is a soft sculpture doll with all the trimings; meaning he has all the jewlery and mohawk that the real Mr. "T" wears. She made one about 25 yrs ago it was to be for my little brother who at the time was about 5 yrs old and he just loved Mr. "T" and the "A" Team; you remember that show. Well anyway somehow I cant recall , but my mom sold that Mr."T" and now she owes my little brother , who isnt so little anymore, he is 30 yrs old now and is 6'5" and he is a Correctional Officer, but he still wants his Mr. "T". Can you believe he asked me to make him a diansour?
Which I did last Christmas and I put a spike dog collar on it and named him "Roffie". There is a story behind that name. My little brother nick name is Fofie and well my one of my newphews when he was young couldn't say it and it came out uncle Roffie. So now we call him uncle Roffie.
But I anyway I was sidetracked with the story of my little brother.
My mom is also getting ready to make a Betty Boop Doll and she is cute . The last time she made this doll was around the same time as Mr. "T". You wont believe it, but Betty Boop is anatomically correct.
My mom had made many dolls back then she would get pictures from customers that wanted her to make a doll that looked like their child and specially if the child had a scar, they wanted that on the doll. My mom made me a doll on my 21st birthday it looks exactly like my baby picture when I was just a few months old. She also put on the doll the scar I have from my heart surgery when I was 3 yrs old. I need to take a picture of that doll and my baby picture and post them here. My mom has a few dolls over seas that she had sold back then in the late 70's. She has sent them as far away as Germany, and that's before the internet LOL!!!! People would just hear it from word of mouth and call and order them and well she would send them out. Well I guess we'll have a few more tid-bits at a later date keep up
with us 'K :~)

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