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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Many Thank Yous

My dear friends thank you so much for leaving such lovely comments on our blog. It makes us feel good that all of you have become our friends. We do try to blog about once a week since we are so busy at the moment I really dont have the time right now. I have been failing in our banner exchange and I do aplogize for that neatostuff.com I know you have looked at our site and have seen that we are doing our job in promoting.
And to our friends in Brazil thank you are so great and such good friends :~) I just love these ladies they have sent us so many free patterns that I dont have the time to make them all. One day I hope I can make them all and just to see all the lovely faces that come out on the dolls and stuffed animals :~) You know that not one come out the same they all look different even if you use the same pattern they all have a differnet personality, isnt that wierd? But it is fun thats my favorite part.
To all of our friends at ETSY just love you guys you ahve been such a great help to us when we were just starting our shop. I sure hope I have helped someone along the way to pay forward. Boy do I hope our sales start going up this is a bumber its so slow. We have opend a few new shops on other sites

We're justing testing these shops at the moment to see what happens. I am not sure if I am all that crazy about dawanda due to the fact that I have to deal in EUROS glad I have a currency converter on my blog other wise I would have no idea how to do that conversion.
Well I just wanted to thank everyone for being there for us and supporting us
we'll talk soon

1 comment:

TheresaJ said...

I agree -- lots of nice and helpful folks on Etsy. It's such a great community.