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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blanket For Grandma

Well I have been tring to get this blanket ready to give to my grandmother , well my step-grandmother but she is the only grandma I know so we drop the step.... I have all the squares done but have beenso lazy to get the borders done and sewn on my grandma has been real sick has dialysis 3 times aweek so I better get going on this blanket dont want anythiing to happen and I have never given her the blanket that has been ment for her . So here we go onward and up ward we start tomarrow to get those borders on just have to cut the borders and sew them on so I can have the top done and then go to Joanns fabric to buy the backing and put it together doesnt sound like alot but it is and well its not like I got other things that i have to do during the day . SO wish me luck on finishine with in the next month I hope my grnadma will be 85 in Sept so I want to get it finished way before then. Oh and also I have a blanket that i am workiing on for my grand-daughter and I havent gotten that one finished yet and she is 16 mons old .. oh man am I behind... was hoping to get that one done by her 1st birthday well that didnt happen. so we are tring to get it done some time before her 2nd birthday in august. I need some help lol.....

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